Precision Label Products strives to provide superior service alongside our high-quality vinyl label tapes. We work hard to achieve those goals with every customer every day. It’s why so many buyers turn to us time and time again for items, such as our excellent clear vinyl tape.

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Clear vinyl tape is available in several sizes (more on that below) and backed by our continuous focus on customer satisfaction and follow-through. We’re happy so many buyers like you have found us and keep returning to us for all their vinyl label tape needs.

All of this at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

The Precision Label Products website is chock full of premium quality clear vinyl tape and a wide assortment of other colors, including many standard OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) colors.

These products are rugged, durable, chemically resistant, and built to perform for many years of use.

Check the details on the various pages for additional info, but many of them are perfectly engineered for caustic environments, harsh industrial climates, indoors, outdoors, and just about anywhere.

Let us know what you need. We’ll help you put together a cost-saving package if you’re interested in going that route.

These items are perfect for color-coding and other applications, to be used as necessary.

Clear Adhesive Vinyl Tape

One thing we’d like to mention: Precision Label Products delivers more than just clear vinyl tape and other quality products at excellent prices.

We also deliver solutions.

So on the one hand, we have our premium vinyl tapes. They make things easy. They’re built to last and engineered to perform. Many of our customers have found that clear adhesive vinyl label tape is a popular option for labels, including scannable warehouse labels, inventory tabs, and more.

Then we have our focus on solutions.

The tape itself can be a solution. But we’re thinking broader — and far into the future. We want to be your longtime, go-to for all your vinyl tape, printing, and permanent adhesive needs.

How might we do that? Well, you tell us! We are committed to helping you find precisely what you need when you need it. And then, following through on our mission to be the best in business, we jumpstart our customer service teams who will be there to make sure you’re completely satisfied with every purchase you make from us.

Quality Products, Quality Solutions

Clear vinyl label tape for thermal transfer printing is available from the pros at Precision Label Products for a fraction of the cost of similar tapes sold by DuraLabel.

For this particular product, you’ll find that it’s available in the following size.

* Clear 1/2 inch x 150 ft 3.0 mil vinyl tape (P5-0508)
* Clear 1-inch x 150 ft 3.0 mil vinyl tape (P5-1008)
* Clear 2-inch x 150 ft 3.0 mil vinyl tape (P5-2008)
* Clear 3-inch x 150 ft 3.0 mil vinyl tape (P5-3008)
* Clear 4-inch x 150 ft 3.0 mil vinyl tape (P5-4008)

As we mentioned above, we also have great package deals that may help you stock up with some of our most popular items without breaking the bank.

How may we help you today? Get in touch with Precision Label Products and let us wow you with our products and service.

Questions? We’ll find answers.

We’re here for you!

About Compatibility

Own an orange DuraLabel Pro printer? Welcome! You’ll find everything you need here, along with better prices, fantastic customer support, and all the vinyl label tape and thermal printer ribbon you’ll need.

Let’s examine pricing. This is one example, but it’s illustrative of many. DuraLabel sells a 4-inch-by-140-foot roll of DuraLabel tape for $276.99. At Precision Label Products, the same tape is $74.95.

In other words, you’re already saving more than $200!

Finally, we provide options and information that will allow you to begin using our products right away. Give us a call at 800-944-2298 for details.

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Opening its doors in 2007, Precision Label Products, Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated business dedicated to offering high quality products and service with the best values in printers and supplies.

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