The Precision 345 printer provides tremendous cost savings and versatility compared to pre-made pipe marking labels and other labeling systems.

image of a red sprinkler fire pipe marking label

Simplify your pipe marking project, expedite the process, and cut expenses tremendously by producing pipe marking labels on site with the Precision Label Products labeling system. Print batches of chemical names and direction arrows fast and easy to greatly assist you in any size pipe marking project.

Pipe marking labels must effectively communicate the contents of all visible pipes and give additional detail if special hazards exist, such as extreme temperature or pressure.

Achieve successful pipe marking results with confidence using products that comply with OHSA and ANSI/ASME A13.1 Standards.

– Fast and dependable high resolution label printing via the Precision Label Products 345 labeling system.

– High grade industrial indoor/outdoor weather and chemical resistant vinyl tape with an aggressive adhesive to insure permanent adhesion to a variety of pipe and insulation surfaces

– Top grade chemical resistant ribbon to insure label color contrast required by ANSI for maximum readability. Our black and white ribbons provide the highest quality contrast available

image of the ANSI/ASME A13.1 2015 Guidelines


ANSI Standard Color Codes

The ANSI standard has color codes for each classification of material. High-hazard materials require a yellow label with black letters. There are two color choices for low-hazard materials: green labels with white lettering if the low hazard material is liquid or liquid admixture, or blue with white lettering for gas or gaseous admixture. Fire suppression materials require red labels with white lettering.

The ANSI standard also describes the size of label lettering relative to pipe diameter.

image of outside diameter of pipe or covering chart

The ANSI standard describes how pipe identification labels should appear to be viewed properly. Positioning the labels depends on the pipe’s location in proximity to where it’s viewed. Labels should be placed on the bottom of overhead pipes and on the top of floor level pipes. Labels should be placed on the side of pipes viewed straight on. Labels should also be located near valves, branches, or where a change in direction occurs. Labels should be placed to mark the entry and re-entry points of pipes passing through walls. The key to pipe marking label placement is to have enough labels for easy identification.

image of a suggested placement chart for pipe marking labels

Contact Precision Label Products for information regarding downloading American Society of Mechanical Engineers (AMSE) technical data.

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