How can arc flash labels from Precision Label Products help you and your business? And for the uninitiated, what is an arc flash in the first place?

If you’re unfamiliar with an arc flash, you should count yourself as fortunate. An arc flash is a short circuit through air from one exposed live conductor to another conductor or to ground.

Most electrical injuries occur because of arc flash — and not from electrical shock.

It’s estimated that five to 10 arc flash explosions happen in the United States each day. The costs are staggering both in terms of physical injury and loss of life. But those costs also include worker and facility downtime, lost revenue, loss of product, equipment damage and OSHA citations and fines. (OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.)

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E states that “a Flash Hazard Analysis shall be done before a person approaches any exposed electrical conductor or circuit part that has not been placed in an electrically safe work condition.”

2018 NFPA 70E provides requirements for safe work practices to protect personnel by reducing exposure to major electrical hazards. Originally developed at OSHA’s request, NFPA 70E helps companies and employees avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to shock, electrocution, arc flash, and arc blast. It also assists in complying with OSHA 1910 Subpart S and OSHA 1926 Subpart K.

 image of an arc flash

Arc Flash Label Compliance

image of an industrial electrical panel

The full directive from OSHA 1910.132 (d)(1): “The employer shall assess the workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present, which necessitate the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). If such hazards are present, or likely to be present, the employer shall: take all appropriate actions as described in 1910.132 – General requirements.” 

Arc Flash and Shock Hazard Labels

image of an arc flash and shock hazard label

Label information should include equipment’s flash protection boundary, incident energy level, and the required PPE necessary to safely work on the equipment.

Arc Flash Labels

When working in large industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, or multifamily residential buildings, chances are you’ll encounter large electrical panels. When upgrading, replacing, or installing these panels, it’s an NFPA requirement that certain aspects are labeled. These labels will make sure workers have the information they need to perform the needed updates on installations.

Every edition of the NFPA 70e electrical handbook will list how these panels are to be handled, what warning labels are needed, and other electrical safety measures that are required. These codes are in place to protect workers as well as the surrounding areas. Misused or mishandled wiring can result in fires, injury, and even death.

Arc Flash Hazards and Label Information

When working with large amounts of electricity (such as switchboards, industrial control boards, disconnects, etc.), arc flash risk assessments are needed to inform work crews. Depending on the system voltage, workers can be at risk even if they are several feet away from the panel.

An arc flash can reach temperatures of more than 35,000 degrees, causing equipment to explode, and sending white-hot shrapnel flying. If the arc jumps to a worker not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), third-degree burns can occur, non-fire-retardant clothes can burn into the skin, and even death can occur.

With the correct signage and common sense, many of these accidents can be avoided. This is why highly visible and durable arc flash labels and signage are absolutely critical. Safety labels on pieces of electrical equipment and arc flash warning labels, signs, and other information make for a happy and healthy workforce.

It’s up to the employer to make sure they meet arc flash label compliance requirements. Label information should include the equipment’s flash protection boundary, incident energy level, and the required PPE necessary to safely work on the equipment.

With Precision Label Products arc flash labels, you can keep your workers and your building safe.

Warning signs are part of any safety program, but additional information may be needed. It could be hazardous waste traveling overhead or the temperature of steam being released.

Arc flash safety signs are no different. Depending on the work being done, some or all of this information could be included on an arc flash sign to increase safety:

* Incident Energy: This is basically the working distance between a possible arc flash and the body of a worker.

* Arc Flash Boundary: The shortest distance a worker may be from a possible arc flash before receiving second-degree burns or worse without arc flash PPE category clothes.
* Minimum Arc Rating: The measurement of thermal energy at a working distance from an arc fault.
* Shock Risk: The level of shock a worker may get when removing the cover of the panel.
* Approach Boundary: The distance a worker can get to a panel before the possibility of being shocked.

Other label requirements may include Glove Class and type of clothing recommended while working on certain equipment.

While many of these warnings are standard, there is some information that may not be known until installation.

Precision Label Products Arc Flash Labels can either be printed with the information or handwritten in the field.

Metering Analysis/Arc Flash Analysis

There is a world of difference between professional electricians who work primarily in the residential sector and those who work as commercial electricians.

Residential electricians help homeowners and property owners upgrade or overhaul their general “lightweight” electrical systems.

Commercial electricians do vastly different work on a day-to-day basis, especially those who perform metering analysis and arc flash analysis.

Electricians that perform a metering analysis, for example, will be able to provide you with information regarding shop and field calibration of electric meters, the repair and rebuilding of electric meters, the installation of current and voltage transformers, and a host of other specialty services that only these kinds of experts have been trained to take care of.

On top of that, they will be able to provide you with an in-depth analysis of metering information, giving you and your management-level employees access to information that helps you keep your operation safe, efficient, and effective.

Electricians trained in arc flash analysis, on the other hand, can help you accurately measure the electrical breakdown of resistance in the air that results in electrical arcs.

Our professionals will be able to assist you in securing arc flash labels that should dramatically improve the overall safety of the workplace. These labels can help ensure compliance with safety measures, helping staff avoid problems associated with major power surges and energy releases and preventing electricity from rapidly vaporizing metal conductors or spraying molten metal and plasma all over the workforce while your employees are busy doing their jobs.

Precision Label Products: Arc Flash Labels
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