Our Ultra Durable Resin ribbon is the toughest chemical/petroleum resistant resin ribbon on the market. Used with thermal transfer printers, our thermal transfer ribbons are capable of handling extreme environmental labeling with unmatched scratch and solvent resistance. Designed with standard anti-static and back coat properties to protect the print head, our ribbons have an unbeatable, high-quality print definition.

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Precision Label Products thermal transfer ribbon is available in black, white, red, blue, orange, yellow and other colors as well. Our White is the most opaque and brilliant White on the market. All of our colored ribbons use premium chemical resistant resin, although we do carry premium wax ribbons in black sizes 4.33 – 8.66 sizes.

If you’re using a smaller printer, we offer half-inch core sizes in both black and white. These resin and wax/resin ribbons are 4.33 inches wide and come in rolls of 243 feet to accommodate smaller printers.

What is the Thermal Transfer Process?
When very clear, precise, and durable labels are needed, thermal transfer labels are a superior option. Most often used in barcode printers, thermal transfer labels can be used for a wide range of products. For example, pipe marking, warehouse labeling, manufacturing labels; any labels that need to be free of smudges and retain the highest print quality.
Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Printing
A thermal transfer printer uses a print head comprised of thousands of pixels in a single line. These pixels are heated, applied to the ribbon or label, then cooled as needed. Imagine a much smaller, faster, clearer dot matrix printer of old.

Depending on the dpi (dots per square inch) of the printhead and the model of printer, our Precision printers can print in 200 or 300 dpi and even up to 600 dpi resolution. These are very efficient machines, printing at speeds up to 5 IPS (inches per second). The end result is a label that is dry, clean, and ready for immediate use.

Our Precision printers also print in direct thermal mode, which does not require a thermal transfer ribbon. The appropriate pixels are heated just as in thermal transfer printing, but the medium being printed to (typically a type of paper) darkens in reaction from the heat of the pixels thereby creating the label.

Work With the Experts
At Precision Label Products, we carry several types of thermal transfer ribbon and thermal label materials as well as thermal label printers. We have been offering great customer service – and even better prices – since 2007. We understand the industry and have been saving money for Fortune 500 companies, the military and companies like yours for more than a decade.

Have questions about your existing printing capabilities or just starting out with a new company? We have the solutions you are looking for. We’ll outfit you with everything you need, from thermal transfer printers and shipping labels to warning signs and pipe markers. Contact us today and see how we can help.

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