The chances are, if you've found our website you currently own an orange DuraLabel Pro and have decided you'd like to pay less for Vinyl Tape and Ribbon.

If you have an orange DuraLabel printer please call or email us before ordering.  Your printer has an RFID lockout device which can be removed at no charge to you.


Precision Label Products vs. DuraLabel

Stop being locked in to paying 50 to 70% more for identical products. Your proprietary DuraLabel is holding you back from enormous savings!

Are you thinking of purchasing a labeling system or do you currently own a DuraLabel brand printer? Review our prices and see the instant positive impact a Precision printer or DuraLabel trade-in will have on your label printing budget.

We know it gets confusing when numbers and percentages of savings are thrown around. Anyone can promise savings. For example, "The DuraLabel Pro 300 can save you 40 to 50% on your labeling and sign production costs!" or "The DuraLabel PRO 300 Cuts Costs - Saves Money: Supplies for the DLP300 cost 30% to 50% less than what you'll pay for supplies for comparable machines, saving you money". But, 30 to 50% savings compared to what? Prices and savings don't mean much without direct price and product quality comparisons with the competition.


Direct Comparison

The DuraLabel OSHA DLP300 Starter Kit @ $3,599, compared to our Precision Starter Kit @$1,695.

Orange DuraLabel


(1) DuraLabel Pro 300 Printer w/ software, cables and guides etc.

(8) 4" tapes (various standard OSHA colors) @ 140' length

(6) 2" tapes (various standard OSHA colors) @ 140' length

(2) ea. White Premium Ribbon

(2) ea. Black Premium Plus Ribbon


DuraLabel Pro

(1) Precision 345P Printer w/ software, cables and guides etc.

(6) 4" tapes (various standard OSHA colors) @ 150' length

(6) 2" tapes (various standard OSHA colors) @ 150' length

(1) ea. Black and White Premium Chemical /Petroleum Resistant Resin Ribbon

(1) Black Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon

 The DuraLabel OSHA DLP300 Starter Kit contains two more 4" tapes of shorter length and one more ribbon than the Precision Starter Package – for an additional cost of $1,904 minimum! (call us for further immediate discounts). DuraLabel claims "Save over $1,500 off printer!" with their OSHA starter package, but what does that $1,500 "savings" actually represent? What are the DuraLabel products priced at to start with? The bottom line is this: Claims of savings mean little when customers are asked to pay more than twice the price. With DuraLabel, you are asked to pay 2 to 3 times more compared to Precision's pricing.


The Problem with Proprietary Products

Some label printers on the market are proprietary regarding acceptable print supplies available. For instance, the orange DuraLabel Pro/Pro 300, 7000 and 9000 printers will only print labels with tape utilizing specialized DuraLabel cardboard tape cores. These cores contain an electronic fingerprint, e.g. Radio Frequency Identification tag (RFID). When this RFID tag is recognized by the DuraLabel Pro's RFID antenna, the DuraLabel Pro allows printing. If this tag is not present, the DuraLabel Pro simply will not print, regardless of the vinyl tape wound around the core.

DuraLabel went to the trouble of including this additional locking device to force DuraLabel customers into buying only higher priced DuraLabel tape. Precision printers do not have a lockout and will print with all compatible supplies, including DuraLabel, so using up existing stock would never be a problem.


Quality:  Precision vs. DuraLabel

 Our high-quality Precision 345P thermal label printers are actually the same OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as the DuraLabel Pro/Pro 300. The only thing different, besides price and orange color, is the DuraLabel lock-out feature. In fact, all of Precisions' printers, tapes and ribbons are guaranteed to be of equal or higher quality. We're so confident in our product quality that we back up all sales with our 60-day money-back guarantee with no restocking fee. This includes our free lifetime software and hardware support along with our free loaner printer program.

 So, whether you are currently a DuraLabel customer or currently considering a thermal label printer purchase, Precision is the smart choice alternative.


It's not just about Great Prices and Products - Service is our number one goal!

 While providing unsurpassed price savings for quality products is certainly a goal, our service is very much a top priority.   In fact,we have yet to have a sale return due to customer dissatisfaction! We really do pride ourselves in our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians and staff with exceptional technical support and service.Our technical staff will guide your every step through any difficulties you may have with your printer, regardless of your system configuration. We will get you up and running AND keep you up and running throughout the life of your labeling machine. Our record in this area is perfect and we pledge to remain so. 


Wondering if your current printer is "locking" you out of enormous savings? Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-944-2298 and we'll help you determine if you in fact own a locked model.